A Very Good Egg

Ooh La La… we knew this day was coming. But we were expecting first eggs in March and surprisingly we have eggs in January – Happy Happy Days may the scrambling, and frying, and poaching, and baking and all the other Good Egg Stuff Begin.

We have invested in 7 Pekin Ducks but they each lay an average of 200 eggs a year, so. How on Earth do just the 2 of us work our way through something like 1400 Eggs a Year!

Jeez Louise… I need some ideas the egg laying has commenced.

We’ve done this moving to the middle of nowheresville with dreams and plans of living off the land as much as possible and I’m sorry to say this veggie and vegan friends but we got the Pekins because they do grow very quickly and can be eaten at 7 to 8 weeks of age.

But being honest I havent actually killed an animal myself but I do eat them and I know at one time there was a living breathing creature sadly in most cases born just to die. But we dont want to be like that so we believe Happy Duck Happy Luck.. no I just made that up but were not running a slaughter house here but the decision to sell up everything and buy a home so far away from everything with no more income, no more business, no more daily $$ coming into the bank we really have to try to live as cheap and free as is possible.

The eggs are very welcome and laying abut 200 a year though a vast uncomprehendable number of eggs to get through each year we are hoping to open our own Airbnb very soon, so the paying guests can have some eggs too.

So at the moment the Ducks are living a happy life, a life of Riley some might say their safe place is so big and sheltered and like a big cuddly hug in safety terms for ducks. At our last place we lost many fowl to predators, all different types too, some silky chicks to pythons, of course too small and just a prefect breakfast snack for a python. Some got swooped on by a ravenous hawk and the last of our Muscovy Ducks that lived a very comfortable retirement at our large damm also fell prey to the ever dangerous Wild Dog. We even had the council come and set up some baits to try stop the wild dogs, but they as sly as a fox and they just wander to another property for a while and come back when the coast is clear.

Pekin ducks

I really dont know anything about animal care, I only ever had one cat and she was zero trouble, so I never had any pets / animals / creatures before really that needed attention (unless children count!) so it is all an adventure, Mr L has something of a Duck Love and does the daily feeding and water supplies but it should and will all be shared jobs.

Well Im kind of writing this blog to the universe (because I have already lost my mind living in the middle of nowhere !) No just kidding but Id like to document this journey and I know for sure Ill be making a LOT of mistakes along the way.

When I read about what you are supposed to do blogging is to share the knowledge but being new to this lifestyle I dont have any knowledge to share – Yet.. but as time passes I will share in abundance.

Egg recipes gladly received !

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