The Beginnings of a Veg Garden

The dream of being self sufficient with a garden filled with glorious vegetables and salads organically grown was put on the back burner for many years.. until now !

I got a tiny introduction to veg growing at our last home, which was also beautiful and unique and special but it had a lot of trees. In fact that home was a little wooden cottage tucked away in the rainforest, a magical little place that felt a million miles from anywhere but was actually only a hop, skip and a jump to the real world. The busy world.

But at the little cottage in the forest I did have a small taste of growing success and it was wonderful. At that time in my life I was running a busy company with every day filled with stress and worries, not money worries though financially everything was peachy but no matter that luxury of not worrying about money and being comfortable it was more exciting and mentally satisfying to pick my small amounts of veg crops than getting a $10,000 dollar order in a day. Those few cucumbers, lettuces and tomatoes rekindled the dream of living if possible off of the land, off of my land.

Its taken a long time to realise that dream in some ways because of still having kids in school and also with having a successful business taking that big leap into the unknown is much harder to do, and sometimes it just seems much easier to live your life dreaming of what you want but spending your days doing whats necessary.

So now we have space, plenty of sunshine… but look at the garden !

over grown veg garden

So its super overgrown and just in a big ol mess…. so many weeds. I know I need to recreate my veg beds and compost them with good layers of yummy stuff that worms and plants like but I really want a bit of a crop this year so I’ve decided to use just half of the space this year with some purchased seedlings. Next year though heirlooms and from seed only.

Look at all the stinging nettles… haven’t pulled them out..not sure whether to brew up a stinging nettle tea for moi or for the plants

But its not just under the covered area that its weeds and overgrowth galore… these raised beds are in serious need of love, affection and attention…

So much work ahead to get this space not only looking great but also producing great… lot of work needs to be done to get the soil rich with all the minerals and energy the plants will need to grow and flourish.

One day this space will look like a dream veg garden providing us with bounties of fresh and delicious garden salads and veggies.

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