Maybe we should build an Ark

Its wet.

Its very wet.

We haven’t even lived here 6 months yet and have already been flooded in TWICE. The sky’s have well and truly opened this time and all the surroundings have been transformed and changed and altered forever.

The road to town as you can see is not a road anymore.

Our house is perched on the saddle about a third of the way up the mountain and we have been lucky – we’ve stayed DRY but that’s not been the case for the neighbour’s adjoining the creek. Sorry did I say creek.. that’s what you might normally call it but over the period of the never ending rain the creek changed personality and became a WTF raging river of monstrous proportions washing away roads, carting along power poles, shifting locations of trees, moving mud and stones and rocks and branches along to a new location. Our creek area is now PLUS 1 extra large tree trunk “now positioned very politely just on the waters edge in a perfect sitting location and we re now MINUS many weeds that were taking up the view on the creek banks “result!

But we were not prepared for THREE weeks without power ! Can you imagine? Its like being in lockdown but whereas with lockdown you can get out into your street if necessary and nip to the shops for essential supplies and errands and in lockdown you have the INTERNET and POWER. So here we are not really knowing what to do at all and for a little added drama, confusion and altogether strangeness we have a newly acquainted friend visiting us who has been here for 2 weeks helping with DIY tasks around the houses in our attempt and effort to get everything here into a more normal livable situation and our holiday cottage ready for some airbnb. Heres the problem; DIY doesnt really work at all without power… you need power for power tools and our power supplies were lacking and near non-existent.

But our lack of power was not really as much of a disaster as some of the neighbours experienced.. yikes that is normally a road of sorts’ loose description of a road .. a kind of muddy track but none the less a road for all of us who live in the valley to get into town.

mid north coast floods 2021

So when you move out to the wilds we have learnt you need to think like a brownie, a guide, a scout, a wilderness person and you need to be A1 prepared all the time for a just in case moment. Being noobs to this kind of life we thought wrongly that being prepared was having extra packs of lentils in the cupboards, extra tins of tomatoes, baked beans and a big bag of rice meant we were ready for any event. But we were NOT ready in any sense of the word.

floods nsw mid north coast 2021

The carnage on the road is unbelievable, rocks everywhere !

road washed away mid north coast floods

And here not enough rocks on the road !

mid north coast nsw floods 2021

Luckily the people we bought the house from left a generator for us, we didn’t know at the time how generator ownership isn’t a luxury for this kind of life but a necessity, you need certain things for an easy life, you know a car, a fridge, an oven, tv etc and if you live in the middle of the valley far away from the rest of the peoples a generator is on that very same par of importance. This generator was a beast of a thing, its heavy, really heavy and it was at the other house so with the handyman being around Mr L and he carted it to our house on the back of the UTV and we filled it up and started her up – she is a noisy gas guzzling beast that provided some level of power for a couple of short hours a day.

So there with all our preparations with a fabulously stocked freezer after a recent shopping trip with each day that passed a few more bags of meat were ready for the bin. Ooops sorry forgot we don’t have regular fill it up and have it taken away bins here : there is no rubbish removal when you live this far out of town. So we dug many holes deep into what will be a veggie garden bed and filled with what would have been some cracking dinners. The earth and the worms and the other creatures instead got our steaks, chook’s and chops.

But there are glorious silver linings to the transformations on the land and our very own cascades which are usually only a trickle became quite beautiful with the abundance of rain that fell from the sky.

We didn’t count the rain everyday but our neighbours did and they said they got 1500mm in 5 days, we are only 900 metres from them so I will assume we got the same amount of millimetres.

cascades at creek mid north coast nsw

And our own little swimming hole back in the mountain side

This has been a terrible natural disaster and an unexpected experience to have gone through, many people have lost their homes, farmers lost their animals, infrastructure got destroyed and their has been much heartache for many. Nature is a powerful force that we cant control it can be as beautiful as it can be brutal. I am thankful we didn’t have any real permanent damage and got through unscathed and living without internet or power was not truly the end of the world it was just for a few weeks a different world.