Just Moved to Woop Woop!

I dont know if yáll know the term ‘Woop Woop‘.. I certainly didn’t hear of it till coming to Australia to live in 2007, maybe because when you come from the UK there cant really be any ‘woop woop’ with so many people and so little space.

Well here in the mighty and large Australia there’s so much space, so much countryside.. so very much of it that its hard to comprehend until you’ve seen for yourself with your own eyes the vast expanse of gloriousness. The saying “Takes your Breath Away” I have discovered since living in Australia can be a common occurence… there is so much beauty to see that sometimes you just stop, look and stop breathing for a moment or two.

Well Woop Woop and this new Home is nestled amongst the mountains in the Macleay Valley in New South Wales… Oh my its beautiful here, if you are sitting in an apartment or house and your window view is to some other concrete construction well I’m sorry but I’m going to make you Jel (aka jealous) … if you love the countryside, because our new home is right among it…surrounded by never ending rolling green hills and mountains as far as the eyes can see. Just left the top corner of my laptop in the photo.

rural views rural living blog

So along with a very quirky home we also inherited some goats… they have stopped looking at us as strangely as they did the first day we arrived… Day 1, it don’t matter that they don’t speak no English… they were saying with their eyes ‘WTF who are you and WTF are you doing at my house’

It would be nice if I could say meet my new furry friends below… but they haven’t as yet become my friends.. the animosity isn’t from my side I might add… but I’m sure eventually after some exhaustive amount of Lucerne treats they might stop looking at me in such an odd way or like you can see below avoiding eye contact ALTOGETHER.

Goats Rural Living

Ill be back with regular updates and posts… there is much do here on our 200 acres of wilderness and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

bye Sam x

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