Homemade Spreadable Butter

Part of moving to woop woop and living in a rural location was the idea to try to live not only as self sustainably as possible but also as frugally as we could without having to give up things we enjoy.

One of those things is spreadable butter ready for your toast or sandwiches straight from the fridge.

And seeing as I’m baking some bread today and the spreadable butter finished yesterday I thought Id better make some more in the ready for the hot loaf coming out of the oven soon.

I started making this a while a while ago when I started to look at the prices of groceries in more detail, a couple of years ago when we used to have our business the price of anything in the shopping basket or trolley was neither here nor there, no second thoughts of whether to put into trolley or not. But times have changed we sold that business and willingly gave up the luxury of money for the luxury of living in the wilderness and this new future.

I normally start off with the cheapest home brand butter, in this case Coles home brand 500g block for $5. Im not making this butter from scratch.. which is also very easy to do but when you have to buy the cream first its not necessarily saving you money… its just fun to make butter and see the transformation from cream to butter… thats for another day.

Before I post the instructions just to compare, if you look at the spreadable options unless they are on a great special buy then they cost a lot more than $5 per 500g. In general the prices range from $8 to $11 per 500g. So if you were in a bigger house than mine with only 2 people if a famil went through a tub a week.. easily done … then over a year at $3 a week is around $150 savings a year for a small amount of effort.

home made spreadable butter
Home Made Spreadable Butter

So I use home brand butter, olive oil and freshly ground salt. If you are on a salt reduced diet you can skip the salt and also you dont have to use olive oil you can use regular vegetable oil if you prefer to not have the slightly olive oil flavour.

Chop the butter in more manageable size cubes, you will need a blender to make the spreadable butter. If your blender is small you might find it easier to make only 250g at a time – otherwise you will need to scrape the sides of the bowl with a flexible spatula to get everything mixed up

home made spreadable butter recipe
Dice butter is smaller size cubes

Once you have the cubes in the blender add some olive oil, I ended up using a total of 5 teaspoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of vegetable oil and 3 big pinches of salt. But to be safe dont add all of the oil and salt in one go start off with 3 spoons of oil and 1 pinch of salt and as the butter gets softer and smoother taste test. I like mine salty so I probably added more than some of you might.

Butter will start to soften with the olive oil blended into it

Of course you can go wild with this butter if you want no need to just do oil and salt, you could add some herbs but if fresh then youll need to use in a few days, or garlic, or spices even. Ill do them another time for now we just want the old fashioned slightly more salted slightly olive oil tasting version.

If its a warm day dont confuse the softness with the butter melting, you will need to keep scraping the sides of the blender down to make sure everything gets nicely blended.

If you are adding olive oil rather than a tasteless vegetable oil you will notice the olive oil taste as you go but once the butter has been in the fridge this flavour does lessen so you can use a bit more oil in your blend.

And for some real frugal living we found these old tupperware tubs in the shed when we were clearing the garbage and the trash that was left behind, they work pretty good as a butter tub, fits in the 500g of butter comfortably and I can keep on reusing them.. double whammy.

how to make spreadable butter at home.

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