Homemade Lemonade – aka Heatwave Crusher

I’ve just walked past the thermometer on my way to the kitchen and it’s a whopping 39 degrees – heatwave territory.

Standing in the kitchen is a new super shiny one of those four door fancy schmanzy fridges which just got delivered yesterday … .. I opened those big double fridge doors and was looking in longingly wondering if I could possibly squeeze myself in there too. But I’m a realist it’s never going to happen.

Then I saw that little bag of lemons sitting in the fruit drawer…no I can’t climb in and chill the F down like the milk and the cheese but maybe those little yellow babies could give me some heatwave relief and quench this near boiling over thirst.

The Answer homemade lemonade, its quick and easy to make and takes that heatwave edge down a couple a notches…

I used 4 lemons but they were kind of small lemons sadly not brimming with as much of the good stuff as I would have liked but it seems there was some kind of lemon shortage going on in last shopping expedition as I got the last bag of lemons left, no opportunity to look for the bestest biggest juiciest lemons.

Next year will be happy days I can already see the little beginnings of lemons starting on the tree so Ill juice those lovelies and be sure to have my own home grown supplies in next heatwave season.

I found in an op shop a couple of weeks ago a ‘Jug ‘O’ Juice’ citrus juicer and yeah I know new ones are kinda cheap in the stores but I like retro things and this has a nice bright red and yellow logo on the front.

homemade lemonade juice
citrus juicer for maximum juice extraction

So depending on what quality lemons you have managed to purchase or better still picked from your lemon tree you’ll need enough to make about a cup or lemon juice. I say about because I mostly cook by feel not by exact mls or grams… that just takes the fun out of everything (except when making bread – measure – measure – measure .. you got the vibe here for bread !)

how to make homemade lemonade
I ended up needing 4 lemons not 2 like shown

I also peeled the zest from the skins to get an extra lemon kick.

homemade lemonade recipe
lemon zest just in case ya needing a bit more lemon oomph

First of all gather your ingredients.

Along with your 1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice you will need just under one cup of white caster sugar and one cup water. To start with simply put the the water and the sugar in a pan and put onto a low heat allowing the sugar to gradually dissolve to make a sugary syrup, don’t let it get too hot or you might have pot ruining caramel on your hands. When the sugar has just melted and the liquid is just warm throw in your Lemon rinds and lemon juice – Probably best to gently tip in rather than throw! Allow to sit for a few minutes… to get all the lemony goodness out of the skins and into the syrup.

Next take a big jug around 1.5 to 2 litres jug, then take your syrup and now add to the saucepan about a litre of cold water.

Strain this mixture into your jug… dont pour the hot syrup into a jug because if its not heatproof it can crack and leave you with nothing but a sticky pile of lemony mess to clean up… not what anyone wants in these heatwave conditions.

Put that jug of lemon love into the fridge to chill… but if like me you are are so thirsty that waiting time is not an option simply fill a glass with ice and pour over your syrup which shouldnt be hot now that its been diluted.

Taste test your syrup… if its too got too much lemonyness then just dont fill your glass to the top and add more ice or water. I was going to add a sprig of fresh mint to the glass but on inspection the mint looked at me like WTF I’m dying here in this heatwave and you want to desprig me…so I left it alone and picked some lemon balm leaves.

home made lemonade and ice
Ultimate thirst quencher right there

Of course if you don’t have any fresh lemons or a juicer you could buy one of those little bottles of lemon juice instead for speed..and if you happen to live in civilisation and want lightening speed you could just buy a bottle or cordial and add water and ice..but out here in the wilderness it’s a long drive to any shop… let me just say when you live out here you don’t want to get home and go oh F I forgot to buy milk / coffee / sweets … wine !

Anyone else got any different versions of lemonadesque type drinks ? I’d love to hear from you as next fruit season I got mangos, oranges, lemons, peaches, pears, plums, mulberry just to name a few fruit trees that will be ready to give me the goods.

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