Clearing away the Trash

When you move to a place where 2 families have spent a lifetime you kind of know there’s gonna be some garbage and some trash…

And to be precise we have found a LOT of Garbage and Trash

We’ve done 2 dump runs with a trailer load so far and another 3 or 4 to go.. there is stuff laying around everywhere..Mr L the hubby got that big tidying up job. Not that I’m afraid of a little dirt and grime… but its a big surprise that a snake was not encountered under all the piles of stuff.

The biggest thing to move has been an old caravan, which in a way I quite liked its charm sitting there perched near the house but Mr L got upset about seeing it parked there taking up some viewing space. So we agreed it had to go to a new home.

Facebook Marketplace to the rescue listed it for Free and within minutes messenger was pinging non stop.. and within 5 minutes it was arranged for someone to come take a look at it.

I should have told them where we lived before I took down from FB because this is not an ordinary destination! Anyway the van was sold a.k.a. given away and arrangements were made that a tow truck would come pick it up on Thursday.

Thursday came and surprisingly the tow truck did come to us, I’m terrified enough just driving the road to our house in our nice and safe 4×4 but doing it a great big truck like the one that arrived must have been double terrifying.

Nothing was going to be easy here.. to start with the tow truck got stuck so we had to pull it out with our 4×4

Then once the tow truck is free and ready to start doing his thing a few pulls later the old 1964 Vintage Van has moved at a better angle for dragging onto the tow bed… but it had a bit of a slip first

Everything looks like its going a bit Pete Tong… here we are perched up on the mountain side, a blisteringly hot day and this old van looks like its not about to go anywhere.

After some frowning of brows, shaking of heads and the skill of the tow truck driver it was finally getting into position ready for its new home and big renovation and tidy up.

I bet if the same tow truck gets a call hell hang up when he hears the address.. when I offered him refreshments he asked for a miracle.. looks like we got one and this old van can enjoy a new home and some much needed TLC.

And Yikes …. We’ve still got another one to get rid of in an even more difficult location !

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