Maybe we should build an Ark

Its wet. Its very wet. We haven’t even lived here 6 months yet and have already been flooded in TWICE. The sky’s have well and truly opened this time and all the surroundings have been transformed and changed and altered forever. The road to town as you can see is not a road anymore. Our house is perched on the saddle about a third of the way up the mountain and we have been lucky – we’ve stayed DRY but …

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A Very Good Egg

pekin duck eggs

Ooh La La… we knew this day was coming. But we were expecting first eggs in March and surprisingly we have eggs in January – Happy Happy Days may the scrambling, and frying, and poaching, and baking and all the other Good Egg Stuff Begin. We have invested in 7 Pekin Ducks but they each lay an average of 200 eggs a year, so. How on Earth do just the 2 of us work our way through something like 1400 …

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Bye Bye Dandelions

dandelions and weeds

As much as a dandelion is a pretty and useful little weed… we have a LOT of them growing here… they are running a mock all over the garden. But without a lawn mower for the monster size garden they have been having the run of the place popping up everywhere. The grass is Long… Toooo Long but apparently due to Covid supplies of equipment are hard to come by with the reduction in imports coming into Australia.. or maybe …

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Clearing away the Trash

remove vintage caravan

When you move to a place where 2 families have spent a lifetime you kind of know there’s gonna be some garbage and some trash… And to be precise we have found a LOT of Garbage and Trash We’ve done 2 dump runs with a trailer load so far and another 3 or 4 to go.. there is stuff laying around everywhere..Mr L the hubby got that big tidying up job. Not that I’m afraid of a little dirt and …

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Just Moved to Woop Woop!

I dont know if y├íll know the term ‘Woop Woop‘.. I certainly didn’t hear of it till coming to Australia to live in 2007, maybe because when you come from the UK there cant really be any ‘woop woop’ with so many people and so little space. Well here in the mighty and large Australia there’s so much space, so much countryside.. so very much of it that its hard to comprehend until you’ve seen for yourself with your own …

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