Happy gluts

cucumber glut garden

Supposedly one of the seven deadly sins… I say bring on the gluttony! These days have been a long time coming and I can already see I have been making HEAPS of mistakes in the veg garden… mostly planting things too close together… even though my veg patch is huge when you plant out the seedlings they look so tiny and innocent that you just cant imagine that not more than a few weeks down the track you’ll be fighting …

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The Beginnings of a Veg Garden

over grown veg garden

The dream of being self sufficient with a garden filled with glorious vegetables and salads organically grown was put on the back burner for many years.. until now ! I got a tiny introduction to veg growing at our last home, which was also beautiful and unique and special but it had a lot of trees. In fact that home was a little wooden cottage tucked away in the rainforest, a magical little place that felt a million miles from …

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