Bye Bye Dandelions

As much as a dandelion is a pretty and useful little weed… we have a LOT of them growing here… they are running a mock all over the garden. But without a lawn mower for the monster size garden they have been having the run of the place popping up everywhere. The grass is Long… Toooo Long but apparently due to Covid supplies of equipment are hard to come by with the reduction in imports coming into Australia.. or maybe everyone who had been thinking about making that ride on mower purchase have all gone out and done it at the same time and there’s no stock available. Whatever way we’ve been waiting more than 3 weeks when we were told 3 days… but hey there’s nothing you can do except sit back and watch the dandelions go forth and multiply !

overgrown garden,dandelions in garden

So it was a great day when we got the call that the Dandelion and Grass demolisher was ready and waiting for us. And though I want the long grass cuttings to put into my new soil bed I am creating the snakes love to slither in the long grass and so far Mr L has found 3 snake skins around the house so I’d prefer to give them a wide wide berth and zero encouragement to slide on over in our direction.

I actually like the dandelions and of course I could be making good use of them with teas and the such like but when you move to a property like this there is so much to do that the days just whizz by and before you know it the sun is setting and its time to start thinking about dinner options.

The fact is you cant go a buying 200 acres and get away with a push mower… We did only have a push mower at our last place and Mr L cursed that mowing every time he mowed, which was always left till it was an absolute necessity. So we knew were going to be in for the $$$ of a ride on mower and we are starting to realise there are a lot of other expenses coming up that were not on the necessities shopping list before moving in.

john deere ride on mower for acreage rural property

If anyone has any good dandelion recipes please send them my way.. Im new to the good life and foraging and some help with reductions in trial and errors would be great.

dandelions in garden

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